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Basketball GM is 100% free and unlimited. No virtual currency, no microtransactions, no pay to win. You can create as many leagues as you want and play as many seasons as you want, all without even creating an account. I know, you've been burned in the past by other "free" games. I know, you think there's some catch.

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A) you are playing with a big market team (either NYC or you’ve set your team to same pop) B) you are playing on normal difficulty. C) the salary cap is 90m (the default setting for random leagues) The early years. When you first start a new league you have 2 years before the owner begins to judge you.

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As you progress through the game, you must GM a team in one of each of the game’s market sizes, in increasing order. That is, you must become the GM of one team classified as Very Small (Cincinnati is the default starting position), then Small (Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Montreal, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Vancouver), then ...

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The 18 teams for the 2021-22 LNB French Pro A (first division) with accurate logos, team colors, population, stadium capacities (small) Players are all randomly generated. I would have loved rosters that mixes real players with randomly generated players but it's not possible in the game right now.

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NBA All-Time-Great Era Teams. In this version, with 2019 teams, each roster has the 10 highest rated players who played for that team. The year is “best player since that year”. So the 2010 roster only has players since 2010.

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Go to https://play.basketball-gm.com/ Click the "Tools" tab on the top right, and select "Options" Paste the data into the "Team Info" section. Hit "Save Options" The team data will then be in any 'Real Players' leagues that you create from then on. It will not apply to previously created leagues. You do not have to do this every time, just once.

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