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What Is A Double Double In Basketball? Definition & Meaning ...

The most common combination of a double-double in basketball is points and rebounds, followed next by points and assists. Both feats are hard to accomplish in a night and even more difficult to achieve consistently. Although rare, a player may also achieve a double double-double, or 20-20, or a triple double-double, or 30-30. As of 2017, Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most combined double doubles for regular season and playoff games at 1111.

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Double is a term that is used when a player gets a double count of any of the statistical categories – points, steals, rebounds, blocks, assists. For a player to record a double double, they need to have more than 10 in any of the aforementioned categories.

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Double-Double - The word 'double-double' is used when a player scores in double-digits in two positive statistical categories. For example, 16 points and 10 assists. Double Dribble - This is a dribbling violation that occurs when a player dribbles the basketball with two hands simultaneously or terminates their dribble and then begins to dribble again.

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a double double = getting double figures in two different categories example: 20 points, 10 assists; to drive = dribbling towards the hoop, past the defender-F-fast break = when the ball is pushed down the court very quickly off a missed shot or steal and when the offensive players running down outnumber the defensive players

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The term "double bonus" is widely used by the media and fans, but does not appear in any official rule book. See also bonus and penalty. double-double Double-digit figures in two positive statistical categories, especially when achieved by an individual player (e.g. 12 points and 14 rebounds). double dribble

What is a Triple Double in Basketball? (Definition and NBA ...

Double-Double - When a player achieves at least 10 in TWO statistical categories. Quadruple-Double - When a player achieves at least 10 in FOUR statistical categories. Why are Triple-Doubles More Common Now?

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Double Dribble: The illegal act of dribbling, stopping, then dribbling again. Double Team: Two teammates move in to guard one offensive player. Down Court: Moving from the back court toward the offensive basket. Down Screen: An offensive player moves toward the baseline to set a screen. Dribble: Bouncing the ball off the floor with one hand.

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Double Team - when two basketball teammates join efforts in guarding a single opponent. Dribbling - the act of bouncing the basketball continuously. Dunk - when a player close to the basket jumps and strongly throws the ball down into it. End Line - the boundary line behind each basket; also called the baseline.