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With a few exceptions, Beach Volleyball allows all players to operate both at the net (in attack) and in the back of the court (to defend or serve). The game’s early exponents on the sands of California would still recognize it because Beach Volleyball has retained certain distinctive and essential elements over the years. Some of these it

Volleyball Setting Techniques How to Set on the Beach

On the beach, the ball must come off your hands without any rotation. Setting is definitely one of the toughest skills on the beach to master. There is no leniency for setting while making an "athletic play" like it is with indoor setting. In sand volleyball, sets must come off your hands perfectly clean, no matter how much spin is on the ball from a pass or from what height the ball descends.

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Ball can be set anywhere in team’s court; Ball must be contacted with two hands at the same time; Ball can not rotate more than 1 1/2 times; Ball cannot visibly stop; Any set that carries over the net is a fault

Beach Volleyball - Rules and Regulations

Any type of rocks and debris is removed from the surface of the court to prevent any type of injuries as normally players like to play with bare foot so these precautions are taken. The level of sand should be minimum 40 centimetres deep inside the court. It may increase in different competitions.

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Clarification of the rules regarding hand setting in beach volleyball. More Rule VideosFirst Defensive Touch (Pt 1): https://youtu.be/OXQ-GVHGOBsFirst Defens...

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No part of a player’s body or uniform is allowed to touch the net, but, participants are permitted to play the ball out of the net during a volley and a serve. Also, in beach volleyball it is perfectly legal to cross under the net as long it does not interfere with an opponent’s attempt to play the ball. Game Play.

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Rules of Beach Volleyball for Playing the Ball. Team Hits Each team is allowed three hits. For doubles: The block does count as a team contact, and either player can make the next contact after the block. For fours and sixes: The block does not count as a team contact, and any player can make the first contact after the block. Simultaneous Contacts

Beach Volleyball Rules 2020: Everything You Need To Know

Rules That Apply on Volleyball Beach Balls. The beach volleyball should have a circumference of 68 centimeters and weigh 280 grams. The air pressure should be between 0.175KG per square centimeter and 0.225 KG per square centimeter. The rectangular panels should be 18 in numbers.