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Common Volleyball Injuries: The Complete List Of Medical Injuries

Types of Volleyball Injuries. Volleyball injuries are most often caused by jumping and landing. Considering that the ball can reach speeds of up to 80 mph quickly, acute injury can also happen from hitting and blocking. Repetitive stress and overuse injuries are common because of the nature of the sport of volleyball and the parts of the body involved.

5 Injuries Volleyball Players Face | UPMC HealthBeat

1. Volleyball Ankle Injuries. The most common volleyball-related injuries involve the ankle, and ankle sprains are the most common injury in the sport. Most ankle sprains are not severe and require only a few days or weeks of rest – and sometimes physical therapy. More severe ankle injuries can result in fractures and ligament/tendon injuries ...

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Volleyball Injuries. UR Medicine is a proud participant in the Stop Sports Injury Campaign. To help keep kids in the game for life, STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) targets the sports that have the highest rates of overuse and trauma injuries.

Six Common Volleyball Injuries- and How to Prevent Them ...

3) Finger/Hand Injuries. Tend to see finger joint sprains and dislocations mostly with blocking at the net. Rigid wrists with widespread and relaxed fingers not only allow better downward ball placement in the opponents court, but also reduce chances for volleyball injuries.

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A beach volleyball court is 9 meters wide and 18 meters long. The rope used for the boundary line costs $1.58 per meter. How much would it cost to buy a new boundary line for the court?


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Explanation: It is the largest joint, vital for movement, and vulnerable to injury. The knee is the most commonly injured joint by adolescent athletes with an estimated 2.5 million sports-related injuries annually. Hope this helps!!!

Rules of Volleyball, Playing Actions, Ball Handling Rules

A team is entitled to a maximum of 3 contacts. If a team contacts the volleyball more than 3 times without returning the ball to the opposing team, a "4 hits" fault occurs. Consecutive Contacts - Rules of Volleyball A player may not contact the ball two times consecutively.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Volleyball

Get your game on with the Top 10 health benefits of volleyball from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic: Burns calories and fat: One of the primary benefits of volleyball is that it helps you burn calories, which is an important component of a weight loss or maintenance program. Harvard Medical School ...